About Climate Change Tracker

Our Vision

We believe that we as humans can be conscious about the problems we cause. Personally and collectively. Our advantages in mental and emotional intelligence, creativity, science and technology can help us to establish a sustainable, non-destructive balance with nature.

Our Mission

We think it is crucial to track a problem and its metrics for being able to solve it. Our mission is to create an up-to-date tracker of the Global Warming and Climate Change problem, based on the latest available data from trusted scientific sources.


ClimateChangeTracker.org was founded and is operated by Alex Borger and Jiddu Alexander Broersma. We are an experienced team in building scientific and enterprise dashboards, in developing a wide range of cloud and web based platforms and solving data science problems.

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Currently we develop and maintain ClimateChangeTracker.org in our free time among our regular work. If you want to help us, to become a sponsor, a contributor or for any feedback or questions get in touch with us via Twitter direct message or email.

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Standing on the shoulders of giants

Climate Change Tracker is built and curated in-line with the most reliable and accurate scientific sources on the planet.

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Climate Change Tracker - The easiest way to track climate change metrics. | Product HuntClimate Change Tracker - The easiest way to track climate change metrics. | Product Hunt